225296 Words Later

Eternal Doctrine is finished! And with that, the novelization of Star Control 2 is finished.

For those unfamiliar with the title, here’s a quick info dump:

The novelization of Star Control 2 consists of two novels – Groombridge Log and Eternal Doctrine. The series is called The Ur-Quan Masters.

I started writing Groombridge Log in the beginning of 2012 and now October 2017 marks the completion of the entire story. Both novels are available in printed form and an ebook in most online book stores. Here are quick links to Amazon for your convenience: (Update 2020-01-16: Note that there are some regional issues regarding the books’ availability in US Amazon.)

Those who are willing to read the books, but unable (or unwilling) to buy them, will be pleased to know that both of the books are also available for free in PDF format.

I take this opportunity to say that writing these books has been fun, although time consuming. Here are some statistics:

  • Total word count: 225296
  • Total page count: 840
  • Project calendar time: 5 years, 9 months
  • Active writing time (estimate):  500 hours
  • Usages of the word ‘unpleasant’: 22
  • Story points that (intentionally) significantly contradict with the original: 1
  • Star Control 2 is a great game: Yes

Thank you for reading!