Yaska – A New Novel

Today I got a box I had been eagerly waiting for. The contents? 25 copies of my latest novel called Yaska. (Note: This piece is written in Finnish)


While writing this blog post I had a hard time figuring out what to say about the story without revealing too much. Then I remembered that I had already figured it out once – for the back cover. So I’ll just translate the back cover into English here:


Yaska is a feared criminal – the king of the neighborhood.

Jyri is an orginary police officer – a young man from Helsinki alone in a small town.

By chance, Jyri gets the opportunity to take revenge on Yaska on behalf of the entire society. Illegally, of course.

Soon Jyri finds out that giving one’s little finger to shady business threatens to pull an honorable man into the depths.


In my last post I boasted that my next book will be a big hit. Unfortunately the publishers to whom I offered this book didn’t see it that way. So this one is again a non-commercial product available for free in PDF format.

Here are some statistics:

  • total page count: 228
  • total word count: 39708
  • usages of the phrase “omistajan elkein”, which means “as if one owned the place”: 3
  • spent calendar time: 6 months
  • where was it primarily written: U-train and E-train between Tuomarila and Helsinki