Project(s) for 2018

In summer 2017, when I was still writing the last chapters of Eternal Doctrine, I got an idea.

I knew what my next book was going to be about. I had to forcibly stop myself from diving into the deep end of that new story since I had to remain in the deep end of Eternal Doctrine to make it any good. That was painful.

When I finally finished Eternal Doctrine in October, I faced another problem. The thing with writing novels as a family man with a day job is that there’s not much free time. And by free time I mean time I can use to do my own stuff – not family stuff. My solution used to be to write when others were sleeping. That meant being creative after a day’s work and evening’s child care. It was doable, but it was also painful wearing.

I had to figure out something else for the next project, so I did. I purchased a simple laptop (I didn’t have (a decent) one before! I only had a tabletop PC) and decided to mostly write away from home. The plan was to reserve some time slots from the weekly calendar during which I would go to the local library and write there. The only problem with that was that there weren’t adequate available time slots, so I first had to make those.

Resolution: I downgraded to work only four days a week. On the fifth day I try to write. Also, when we’re at my parents’ place and there are other people to watch after the children, I can take refuge in a dark chamber somewhere deep underground and work there. So far everything has gone smoothly.

Let’s get back on track and talk about my current project. It is…

  • a novel
  • a story that takes place in the current time (2018-ish)
  • a thriller/survival story
  • cheap to make into a movie (incidentally?)
  • written in Finnish

This time I don’t plan on self-publishing. I aim to get it traditionally published. For all you non-Finnish readers out there, you’ll unfortunately have to wait for the translations.

And I have another project for 2018 as well: My second child was born on April 9th.