Eternal Doctrine

“Eternal Doctrine continues where [Groombridge Log] left off and I can safely say it is even better. I daresay it wraps the story up better than the original game did and whilst it takes some creative liberties, these changes I think are for the better.” -Joshua Taylor (Goodreads review)


Eternal Doctrine concludes the novelization of Star Control 2.

Six months have passed since the Precursor starship Vindicator arrived at the starbase in Earth’s orbit. The Ur-Quan are busy fighting a civil war, but their forces are still grossly superior to those of the hastily assembled New Alliance of Free Stars.

Both a carrot and a stick are bound to be needed when the Alliance deals with alien races. As Captain Zelnick of the Vindicator said: If you plan to save the galaxy, you have to be prepared to push a few old ladies down the stairs.

  • Part 2/2 of The Ur-Quan Masters series
  • First published in 2017
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand, Helsinki, Finland
  • ISBN: 978-951-568-394-6

Eternal Doctrine is available both as a printed book and an ebook in most online stores, such as Amazon. (Unfortunately the ebook might be listed as unavailable to customers in the United States.)

If you are unable or unwilling to purchase the book, you can read it as a PDF here.

Update April 2020: If the book is shown as unavailable to you in Amazon, read the page of Groombridge Log. Troubleshooting tips can be found there.

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