Timeline – The Beginning

I wasn’t much of a writer in high school, but this story still begins from those times.

On my third year in high school, during one night like any other, I was having a meaningless discussion with a friend in IRC (Internet Relay Chat, the “social media” of early ages). This friend asked, as a joke, that I would tell him a bed time story.

I started writing (in Finnish) something random regarding a crush I had. I wrote one sentence at a time without thinking about the next one. Very soon the “story” took a turn towards romance and, not long after, all things sexual. But the surprising part was that it was turning out to be rather good. I got completely engulfed in it and, as I later heard, so did my friend. It was already very late, but I kept writing for some time.

You can imagine my disappointment when my friend finally declared that he would have to go to bed. He gave me virtual applause and then disconnected. I was suddenly left alone in a state of great inspiration with no audience to whom I could continue telling the story. So I had to do what anyone would’ve done…

…I copypasted the log from our conversation to Notepad and continued writing. I can’t say what the time was when I finally got to bed, but what I had given birth to was a genuine erotic shortstory. The next day I reviewed it and cleaned it up a bit and then anxiously waited for my friend to come online. When he finally did, I sent him my finished work and he consumed it with much eagerness. And that’s the story of how I got my first reader.

I then shared the story with some other basement dwellers and it got excellent reviews, but that seemed to be the extent of it. I wasn’t planning on doing anything with it.

Then came my one year servitude in the army. Don’t worry, it is relevant to this post. I don’t remember how, but at some point one of my mates got his hands on the shortstory and printed it for everyone’s pleasure. There were lots of jokes and chuckles at first…

…But then people got around to read it and the laughing stopped. Even some of the women found it interesting. I know a few honest men who took the story with them to the bathroom to inspire them, which I consider to be the ultimate goal for an erotic story.

After that I didn’t write anything in about ten years.

I still have the .txt file. Maybe one day I’ll bring it up to date (and change a few names in the story) and host it on this site.

2 thoughts on “Timeline – The Beginning

  1. Greetings. I finally sorted through my piles of loot from Worldcon 75 and found your business card and remembered our enjoyable chat at the meet & greet.

    Just as soon as my next paycheque arrives and I recover from this foolishly expensive month, I will drop your e-book onto my Kindle. ~€25 is a bit steep for a paperback especially with postage thrown on top, but I’m looking forward to reading your book!

    Great origin story, by the way. I was an ICQ goon, myself.

    Talk to you later, sir,

    – Chucky, aka. Hatboy, aka. Andrew


    • I’m glad you found my card in your loot. I’m sure none of us made it out of there without at least several bags.

      Indeed the meet & greet was one of the most pleasant experiences in the event. It was a great way to start networking from scratch.

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