Wait in the Car

Finally something new to report.

In my last post some 8 months ago, I mentioned a new writing project I had started. Well, now it is finished! Note: This piece is written in Finnish

odota autossa kansi 1024

The story is called “Odota autossa”, which translates to “Wait in the car”. It is a survival story about a young man who gets stranded in a modern car with a modern cell phone. You’d think it doesn’t sound that bad, but there are circumstances.

I also said I would aim to have it published traditionally instead of self-publishing it…

Unfortunately though, that didn’t work out. So this will remain a non-commercial product.

Fortunately, it also means that I can freely distribute the story in PDF format. You can read it here.

Here are some statistics:

  • Total word count: 27854
  • Total page count: 136
  • Project calendar time: 8 months
  • Hours spent in a pitch-black garage sitting on the front passenger’s seat of my parents’ car with a computer on my lap: 2
  • Hours spent reading the Volvo XC60 user’s manual: unmeasurable

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

P.S. I’m already working on my next novel, which will hopefully bring me lots and lots of fame and money. I will give more information some time this year.

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